He Brings Many Decades of Experience in Criminal Law and Justice and Fresh Approaches to the Office.

I AM A LIFELONG DEMOCRAT and I am asking for your vote to be the next Coconino County Attorney on July 30, 2024. The County Attorney is the chief prosecutor for crimes occurring anywhere in the county, so the job demands an experienced criminal attorney and proven leader. The County Attorney also has a small division that advises the county on civil law, including employment, contract, civil rights, land use and water issues. I am the candidate with the most criminal justice, civil law and management experience.

MY EXPERIENCE SETS ME APART AS A CANDIDATE. I have almost 10 years of service as a law enforcement officer and 30 years as an attorney, including 14 years as the director of one of the county’s public defender offices.  As an officer, I have arrested people for murder and as an attorney; I have represented people for murder.  As an officer, I have also worked closely with victims of crime, particularly domestic violence, and as an attorney, I have represented them. Additionally, as an officer, I have experienced the challenges of encounters with our mentally ill and as an attorney; I have represented them, successfully advocating for smarter measures that assure their safe integration back into their families and our community.

MY EXPERIENCE MAKES ME PASSIONATE ABOUT JUSTICE AND COMMUNITY SAFETY.  I pledge to continue to protect victims from violent offenders, especially victims of domestic violence, gun violence and sexual assaults. I will focus on helping neglected and abused children and look for smart and practical approaches, many of which include public health models to substance abuse and other criminal justice problems facing our community. Rearresting people for drug related crimes, does little to stop addiction. We now have over 50 years of science that tell us how to reduce crime and repeat offenders. I am committed to alternative approaches to incarceration, such as diversion programs that follow public health models, along with maintaining our drug court, mental health court and veterans court programs, for low to medium risk offenders and our mentally ill.

My experience enables me to bring appropriate criminal charges against offenders and reach fair and just resolutions of their cases that will ensure community safety. 

I PLEDGE TO TREAT EVERYBODY WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT AND TO LISTEN TO YOUR CONCERNS,whether you live in Flagstaff, Page, Fredonia, Williams, Sedona, Happy Jack, on the Navajo Nation or anywhere else in our county. This job demands nothing less.

Justice should be blind to race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, and sexual orientation.
Equality is for all; equality is not equality if everybody is not experiencing it.